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About KeepSolar

In 2019, having the concept of "keeping solar power for earth citizens",KeepSolar brand was created for high quality European market which is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of PV modules and solar systems.Through constant innovation, we've done a great job in overseas market.At the end of 2022,our annual production capacity has reached 5GM.

KeepSolar has advanced Testing Labs by working together German and US experts and engineers. Keep Solar technical services include technical design, installations and intelligent solar plant maintenance. The projects designed by KeepSolar technical team in other countries are generating solar power and protecting the global environment.The earth we are living on has been continuously polluted, and the natural resources such as oil, gas and coal will be used up in the future. KeepSolar team are working hard for the solar technology development, solar modules of higher efficiency and solar power plant integration. We believe in "Innovations Creates Green Future" and we believe KeepSolar will be one of the pioneers of solar technology and loyal protector of our green planet.

As a new comer in the industry,KeepSolar always believes in "Quality First" and indeed we are offering high quality both in products and services.

Work with KeepSolar,work with green energy!