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Nantong LUXSHARE 30MW industrial and commercial power station project

KEEP SOLAR signed a cooperation agreement with LUXSHARE for the development of more than 50MW power station and EPC construction, and the Nantong project is the first batch of projects to land. The project effectively used the idle roof, fully considered the building safety, local radiation, light reflectivity, system efficiency, comprehensive utilization of roof resources and other factors to plan the layout, and adopts KEEP SOLAR PERC 545W modules to build a high-safety, high-quality, high-efficiency rooftop photovoltaic power station for customers. It helped enterprises effectively use roof resources, increased their revenue and saved electricity costs. At the same time, this project promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhances the green image of the enterprise.

Customer Revenu




Expected power

generation in

the first year


Expected reduction in carbon emissions in the first year (tons)

Estimated total power generation in 25 years (kWh)

Estimated total carbon emission reduction in 25 years (tons)

Equivalent planting of trees